Grades of Treks


An excellent fitness is not a requirement for these vacations. We offer a wide range of optional activities, such as sight-seeing trips, nature hikes of 1-3 hours, or motorised boat or canoe excursions. You will travel by car, bus or jeep, although some travel may be over unpaved roads and visits to remote regions.

Examples: photographic safari, wildlife trips and game-viewing safaris.

Easy to Moderate

This includes 2-3 hour short hikes or walks at low elevations. Little altitude change. Extensive overland travel on rough dirt roads may be included. Elevations up to 3,500m/11,000ft may be reached. Average fitness is required.

Examples: wildlife safari, walking vacations, photo workshops.


An action full vacation, usually with hiking over moderate terrain. Expect elevations less than 3,500m/10,000ft, although elevations as high as 4,500m/14,000ft may be reached. Tours also may include long hiking days, wilderness camping, or other activities. Good fitness is required. On many trips, you can elect to skip a day's hike, depending on logistics.

Examples: hiking and trekking trips

Moderate to Strenuous

A challenging adventure with extensive outdoor activity which includes good many nights of camping on highland. Hiking will be over greater challenging rugged terrain or where elevations exceed 3,500m/10,000ft and may reach 4,500m/14,000ft. Treks will average up to 10 miles per day. Altitudes of up to 15,000 ft are frequent in trekking programs.

Required: good fitness, stamina, and some experience. Trekking trips will include several days of camping at high altitude.

Examples: long-distance, high altitude treks